We blockchain for a better world

Blockchain ?

Not for the technology, but for the benefits for society !

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency can be used to improve our society. We can consider it as a fresh new start, to liberate us for the financial organisations that have controled our society for centuries.

WE can make a difference

If not us, who ? If not now, when ?

We have no excuse to not take social action. We KNOW so we can not hide behind ignorance. 

Our Projects

we support following projects via the delivery of blockchain services : 

The FREE coin

The ideal starters coin in cryptocurrency. Supports the global adoption of cryptocurrency usage.


Your NON-PROFIT Project here ?


 Do you run your own charity project (climate, environment, medical aid, food support, green energy)  and do you want your own cryptocoin to finance this ? Convince the FREE coin team of your project, and we will develop and deliver you your own crypto coin FREE OF COST ! 


You want a crypto coin for commercial / profit use ? For the price of 500 FCL coins (see below) we deliver your coin

The FCL coin

The FREE Crypto Limited Coin

The FCL (Free Crypto Ltd) coin is the standard payment coin for the services of  FREE Crypto Limited.

FREE CRYPTO LIMITED is a global player in  blockchain and crypto development. All services provided by FREE CRYPTO LIMITED have to be paid via the FCL coin. The exception is that for NGO / Charity projects we deliver your blockchain services without cost.

10 Million FCL coins have been created.

FCL coins can be bought via Etherdelta

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